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Beautiful English Style windows with traditional or modern look that make huge difference to your property. Often found in Georgian and Victorian houses. Sash windows are opened by sliding vertically up and down.

Cord and Weights System

To facilitate operation, the weight of the glazed panel is balanced by a heavy steel, lead, cast iron sash weight or counter-weight concealed within the window frame. The sash weight is connected to the window by a sash cord or chain that runs over a pulley at the top of the frame.

Spiral Balanced System

Spiral Balanced System The Spiral Balance works with tensioned spring that helps opening the windows.

PVCu sash windows also available

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Type of materials

Our materials:




Glazing Bars

Georgian bars
Astragal Georgian Bars


High quality stains
Single or dual colour
RAL colours chart

Type of glazing


Tempered glass is a type of safe glass physically and thermally stronger than regular glass.It is also more resistant to temperature changes.Toughened ( tempered) safe glass when broken to crumble into small granular chunks which are less likely to cause injury.


Flat glass. Using this type of glass in the summer helps to prevent overheating and in the winter helps to reduce heat loss. By adding a layer of tinted reflective glass you can achieve an interesting partly mirror effect.


Amazing, new type of glass that uses UV light and rain to actively break down dirt so windows stay cleaner for longer. Hydrophilic properties means that water or rain forms a sheet of water across the surface of the glass and rises away the broken down material. Bioclean has been designed for external use and is particularly effective in heavy polluted areas.


Most popular and very safe type of glass. Available in many different textures, colours and patterns; it provides an infinite choice of styles and variations. This glass will be a great choice for bathrooms, cabinets and decorative applications.


Layer of this glass lets in lots of natural daylight but still blocks solar heat, saving on energy costs. More daylight means reducing artificial lighting in your house and decrease costs of heating in the winter.


Laminated glass- a type of safe glass; is produced by bonding two or more layers of ordinary annealed glass together with a plastic interlayer usually polyvinyl buteral or EVA. This type of glass holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking it is held in place by an interlayer and in place of cracking produce a characteristic “spider web”

Sound reduction

This type of glass is specifically designed to reduce sound intrusion into buildings and has great impact on the comfort of living. If you live in a noisy place or High Street why not consider installing sound reduction glass for your house.

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